Services and Products from The Garage Remote Guy Ltd

  • Replace
  • Clone
  • Copy
  • Reprogram
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Receiver kits
  • New Motors
  • Merlin Remotes
  • Dominator remotes
  • Guardian remotes
  • Black and Decker
  • BFT
  • Superlift
  • Remote Batteries
  • Service
  • Insurance quotes
  • Landlord quotes
  • If you have an Older Fix Code Dominator Garage Door Opener Remote we are able to Clone a new remote.
  • Can post blank remotes out of Auckland.


Are you looking to re-sync, repair, or replace your garage door opener remotes?

When your garage door opener does not work properly, it will turn out to be a really nightmarish experience for you.

Is your garage door only lifting a few inches?

If your garage door is in an open position and doesn’t close?

If your garage door is in the closed position and will not open?

When you see that your garage door is not responding when you try to open it with your remote then it is very likely that your garage door opener and garage door remote are linked together by a wireless signal. You may require a new garage motor

Seek our professional services: Garage door openers have many components such as receiver boards, control boards, and many more. When any one of these components stops functioning, the opener will not work the way it used to do.

Garage door opener: Our team specializes in providing best-selling openers to deliver improved power ratings for residential doors. You can operate your doors with ease.

Garage door remote: The remote controls that we have with us use the latest encryption technology to provide easy and secure operation for your garage door gate. The battery is powered with wireless safety beams to protect your family, pets and possessions.

Garage Door Keypads: Entry to your home is even easier when you have an outdoor keypad installed. With wireless keypads, you can get in and out of your garage door without keys or a remote control.

Gate Opener Remotes: We provide you with a great way to get inside your home with automatic gate opener remotes that will also add a layer of security to your property inside your home.