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Why study microbiology?
People all over the world study microbiology and become microbiologists for many reasons. Here are just a few:

Keeping our food safe

Microbiologists research the many important roles of microbes in the ocean

Investigating antibiotic resistance

Will microbes cause problems for space travellers? Microbiologists find out.

Microbiologists combat humankind's most deadly enemies

Microbiologists battle Kauri dieback

NIWA microbiologists: keeping our beaches safe

Microbiologists play a big role in the search for life on Mars

Microbiologists explore microbial life at the very bottom of Earth's ocean

Myrtle rust: A new challenge for NZ microbiologists

Being a microbiologist is not necessarily about looking through a microscope in a lab all day….

Els Maas travels the world with microbiology
Have a look at the story of world-travelling microbiologist Els Maas.
Mitch Schulte and Hari Mogosanu
​Listen to an interview with NASA astro-microbiologist Mitch Schulte and Hari Mogosanu from the Aotearoa New Zealand astrobiology network.

Where can you study microbiology in Aotearoa New Zealand? 
Degree Courses in Microbiology.The following Universities offer degree courses in Microbiology. Following the link to their respective webpages will provide you with information on course structure, pre-requisites and other information to help you choose and/or tailor a course to your requirements.

​Degree Courses in Medical and Laboratory Sciences.Medical Laboratory Scientists are specialised health professionals whose role is to provide essential diagnostic information about a patients state of health. The following Universities offer degree courses in Medical and Laboratory Sciences, and incorporate considerable training in Microbiology into the course.

Courses, including Certificate of Laboratory Science, Certificate of Laboratory Technology and Diploma in Applied Science, are available through many Tertiary Institutes (Polytechnics) and one private provider (Real World Education These courses incorporate Microbiology in their teaching curricula.

Postgraduate Study in Microbiology.For those already trained in Microbiology, post-graduate study can offer an exciting opportunity to extend your understanding of microbiology. A number of University Departments, Crown Research Institutes and Research Institutions offer post-graduate training opportunities in Microbiology.

  • The University of Auckland | Waipapa Taumata Rau
  • The University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
  • Massey University | Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa
  • The University of Otago | Te Whare Wānanga o Ōtākou
  • Victoria University of Wellington | Te Herenga Waka

    Career prospectsHave  a look at current information on career prospects in Aotearoa New Zealand (applied microbiologists are in especially high demand) and globally. Have a look at current job openings for microbiologists in Aotearoa New Zealand on SEEK and TRADE ME or at current job openings overseas.